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AWAKEN Organic Herbal Blend

AWAKEN Organic Herbal Blend

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Boost your focus and mental clarity with our AWAKEN Organic Herbal Blend. Hand crafted with herbs that mildly uplift and freshen the mood. Light minty and smooth taste. (Very mild effects- just like peppermint tea).

  • Mullein Flower: Clears congestion and build up of phlegm from your respiratory tract
  • Peppermint: Opens up airways and lowers nicotine cravings
  • Sage: Cleanses energy and uplifts your mood

Use this blend in a pipe or papers. Each 26g tin makes about 40 rollies. You can also add a spoon of herbs to hot water and consume this blend as a tea.

*not for pregnant women or under 18s*


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