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Dried Blue Lotus Flowers

Dried Blue Lotus Flowers

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Blue Lotus: The Flower of Intuition

This sacred plant was used by the ancient Egyptians for medicine, magic, ritual and celebration.

Whilst visiting the ancient temples in Egypt, I realised how important this flower was in their ancient civilisation as it was depicted in so many carvings and writings. The ancient Egyptian culture was built heavily on their understanding of the nature of life and creation. They understood the importance of nature and how each plant and animal played a certain role in their community. 

The uses of blue lotus included consumption as a wine for their events and ceremonies, as it was said to connect one to the Divine, inducing higher states of consciousness. They also used it as a aphrodisiac in rituals and parties. 

Medicinally, blue lotus can be used to help relax and calm the nervous system. It is also an amazing antispasmodic herb; helping to relax tight and tense muscles, allowing energy and vitality to flow more fluidly throughout the body. This magical flower can also activate seratonin receptors which helps in easing insomnia and anxiety.

How to use:

  • Steep some petals/stamen in hot water and drink as a tea
  • Roll the petals up in rolling paper and spark up
  • Infuse in oil to use as a massage oil or body/face oil



origin: thailand 

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